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Colors of Saudi Photo Contest 2016 for NONSAUDIS

Saudi Colors Photography Contest 2016 is open to all the citizens of Saudi Arabia and GCC countries as well as residents, irrespective of being professional or amateur. The images intending to participate in the contest should have been captured in Saudi Arabia and reflecting tourism in the Kingdom.




PLACE (All Categories)


1st Place


2nd Place


3rd Place


4th Place


5th Place




Saudi Arabia Today (Main Category)

Includes images reflecting the everyday/modern life in Saudi Arabia including:

  • City infrastructure, buildings, roads, shopping centers, parks, museums and lifestyle.
  • Public & private facilities, industrial plants, medical facilities, exhibitions & conferences and related activities.
  • Large infrastructures such as roads, tunnels, airports, trains, ports, dams and water desalination plants.
  • Education facilities such as universities, institutions, technical companies and their related activities.
  • Modern life aspects of Saudis; their residents, jobs, societies and occasions.
  • Sports and entertainment projects such as gyms, clubs, courts, amusement parks and their related activities.


Culture & National Heritage

This theme includes all images reflecting national heritage:

  • Fixed antiquities in archeological sites, urban heritage, historical mosques, forts, dams and others.
  • Portable antiquities such as pottery, glass, stone and metal utensils; jewelry, coins, scripts, tools and other museum displays.
  • Cultural social life and its reflections of cultural heritage, folklore, traditions, dishes, costumes, arts, handcrafts, traditional industries and cultural celebrations.
  • Cultural activities reflecting the Saudis’ history and culture.



All images documenting and reflecting the beauty and uniqueness of the Saudi landscape such as:

  • Deserts: valleys, sand dunes, rock formations, trees, wildlife and lifestyles around it.
  • Mountains: valleys, natural beauty sites and lifestyles around it.
  • Seas: islands, shores, creatures, plants and lifestyles around it.
  • Agricultural and rural areas: farms, animals and lifestyles around it.
  • Preserved areas and natural life.


Tourism Experience

This theme covers the tourist’s experience and feelings during a tourism trip or activity. It also documents the tourists activities during a tourism activity inside the city or abroad (a family at the park or beach, children playing in an amusement park or playground, friends camping on the beach or in the desert, at exhibitions or festivals, practicing sports, visiting museums and archeological sites …etc.). This includes climbing mountains, camping, hiking, safaris, hunting and practicing desert sports). The theme does not cover religious rituals, mosques, Hajj or Umrah; as they are not tourism activities by all means.


ملاحظات مهمة:

  • بالإضافة الى ما يرد لاحقا في شروط الاشتراك فانه وفي جميع الفئات والمحاور لا تقبل الصور المصورة داخل الاستديو، ولا الصور التجارية كصور المنتجات وصور المحترفين للرياضة والتمثيل، او صور لمشاريع تحت الانشاء، كما لا تقبل أجزاء وزوايا من المباني والمشاريع، او المباني المتهدمة، او تظهر مظاهر غير لائقة، او الصورة المعدلة والمركبة، ولا تقبل  صور أداء مناسك الحج والعمرة والتي لا تعد نشاطا سياحيا بأي حال من الأحوال، كما لا تقبل الصور التي ترى اللجنة مناسبة قبولها بسبب بعض مكوناتها.
  • يجب مراعاة نظام التصوير في الأماكن العامة وعدم تصوير المواقع التي عليها لوحات ممنوع التصوير وبخاصة المواقع الأمنية والصناعية المهمة وغيرها الا بموافقة من المسئولين عنها، او تصوير الأطفال بدون أولياء امورهم، والنساء والرجال بدون اذن منهم.

More than
SR. 1,300,000
Total Forum's prizes

Participation is closed
Eligibility Rules

Terms and Conditions:

    1. Photos entered must be taken by applicant, using a professional or semi-professional camera.
    2. Only colored photos are accepted; monotone and panoramic photos are not.
    3. A maximum of three photos can be entered into each category. Photo may not be entered into more than one category.
    4. Submitted photos may not be photos previously entered or winning photos of past Saudi Colors contests.
    5. Submitted photos may not be winning photos of other contests.
    6. Photos must be taken on or after 1/1/2014.
    7. Photos submitted should be entered in digital form (jpg.) and dimensions of longest side should be no less than 3000 pixels.
    8. Brightness, colors, and sharpness can be slightly altered provided the authenticity of the photo is not affected.
    9. Additions and/or image blending is not permitted. Framed and signed photos or photos with the date, photographer’s name, or any added element will not be accepted.
    10. Contest administration reserves the right to reject any submitted photo that does not comply with the specifications, objectives, themes, or conditions without giving any reasons.
    11. Applicant may not, under any circumstance, withdraw a photo after being submitted for entry.
    12. Entry into the contest and photo application are done exclusively via the Saudi Tourism Multimedia Library website: (www.seesaudi.sa ). Photos submitted using any other method will not be entered.
    13. The original format of the photo is considered an ownership document. Contestant might be asked to present it to contest administration and so the photo must be saved in its original format as it was taken by the camera without any alterations whatsoever. Contestant is to send the original format of the photo within 24 hours of date of request any late submission is cause of disqualification.
    14. Members of the organizing committees, arbitration committee, SCTH employees, or officials at agencies organizing the contest and Saudi Color Forum may not enter into the contest.
    15. Saudi time (3 + GMT) is the approved reference for all announced dates and timings.
    16. Entry terms and conditions are final. Entry into competition signifies prior acceptance of all terms and conditions stated above. Entries that fail to meet the previously stated terms and conditions will be disregarded.
    17. Arbitration committee reserve the right to disqualify any photo without cause. They also reserve the right to withhold the award(s) if entries do not meet required specifications or if applicant is in violation of contest terms and conditions, whether that has been proven before qualification, during arbitration or even after announcing the winners. Applicant then must return all cash amounts and in kind prizes to the organizing committee.

Ownership Rights:

  1. The photographer has the ownership of the submitted photo and he/she shall remain the sole owner, considering the following:
    First:Participating photos: the Saudi Colors Forum Management reserves the right to use submitted photos (whether winning or not) in expo and the competition booklet, and in any other media or materials associated with the forum and competition or their promotion.
    Second:Winning photos: SCTH reserves the right to use winning photos in various media used including exhibitions, advertisements, booklets, publications and other online media. SCTH also reserves the right to authorize a third party to reproduce and publish the photos in any commercial and non-commercial media, whether local or international for the purpose of promoting Saudi tourism the forum, and advertising them via other parties.
  2. Contest administration is to publish a booklet on the contest including winning photos and a number of participating photos hand selected by the arbitration committee. The booklet will be distributed free of charge to winners and owners of photos issued in the booklet as well as a number of forum guests. Copies of the booklet will be available for sale for forum visitors. (Photographers – other than winners - wishing against having their photos showcased in the booklet may inform the organizing committee of their wish during their participation).


  1. Once an applicant enters into the contest, he/she shall have pledged to do the following: He/she is the sole owner of all rights related to the submitted photo (including all elements in the photo and related creative ideas), and no third party has the right of any kind regarding submitted photo. The applicant assumes full responsibility whether privileged or criminal.
  2. No action, under any circumstance, will be taken with regards to any rights of the photo. For example, if the photo was sold, waivered, or granted to another person or organization, it will be in violation of the stated conditions, or hold administration or SCTH liability of any sort, or hinder the free handling the photo and its related rights.
  3. Applicant must have obtained all necessary releases from individuals and private properties shown in the submitted photo(s), with permission to publish the photos in publications, exhibitions, or advertisements as per the conditions mentioned above.
  4. Applicant shall comply to all religious, moral, legal, and customary regulations applied in Saudi Arabia.
  5. Applicant pledges to have reviewed all information and terms and conditions required for the application to the contest, complete and full approval, and non-objection whatsoever of the aforementioned stipulations whether during the contest or after the results are announced.
Saudi Arabia Today (Main Category), National Heritage and Culture, Landscape, Tourism Experience
Participation Start Date
10/04/2016 at 03/07/1437
Participation End Date
01/10/2016 at 29/12/1437