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Colors of Saudi Photo Contest 2018 (SAUDIS)

Contest Categories


Cultural Heritage

The contest considers photos which express and document Saudi national heritage and the legacy of its predecessors, including:
  • Immobile antiquities: these include archeological sites, urban heritage areas, historical mosques, castles, forts, rock carvings and dams - to name a few.
  • Mobile antiquities: these include clay, stone, glass and metal utensils, jewelry and coins, manuscripts, tools and museum collections.
  • Traditional social life: this includes popular heritage, folklore, habits, food, clothes, traditions and arts, handicrafts, traditional professions, games and heritage festivals.
  • Various cultural activities that express the history and civilization of Saudi Arabia's people.



From the Sky

Photographs taken from above the Kingdom whether it is from a plane, helicopter, gliding or from a high point.



Nature & Landscape

This is open to Saudi citizens only and covers photographs of subjects in their most natural habitat. This could include, but is not restricted to, mountains, deserts, beaches, vegetation, animals, wildlife, countryside, islands, and other landscapes which involve the least possible amount of human interference. 

Photos of gardens, parks and artificial beachfronts will reduce the applicant’s chance of winning as the subjects of these photos are man-made.  


Saudi Arabia Today

This category, open to Saudi residents only, involves photos which express all aspects of modern life in the Kingdom. It includes: 

  • City development including infrastructure and urban renaissance, as well as roads, markets, restaurants, gardens, museums and people's life.
  • Government and private facilities, business facilities, industrial and medical facilities, exhibition and convention facilities, and the activities involved.
  • Major infrastructure projects such as roads, underground railways, airports, trains, ports, dams, and desalination facilities.
  • Education and future facilities such as universities, cities and technology companies and the activities involved.
  • Aspects of modern life for the Saudi citizen in his home, at work, in society and social occasions.
  • Sport and recreational projects such as clubs, stadiums, gyms, and amusement parks and the activities involved.




1st Place of each Category (SR. 60,000)

2nd Place of each Category (SR. 40,000)

3rd Place of each Category (SR. 30,000)

More than
SR. 1,590,000
Total Forum's prizes

Participation is closed
Eligibility Rules

Terms and Conditions :

  • The contest is open to all citizens. Photos must be taken in Saudi Arabia on or after 1/1/2016
  • The photos submitted must be taken by the applicant using a professional or semi-professional camera
  • Only colored photos are accepted. Monochrome or panoramic photos are not permitted
  • The applicant may submit a maximum of three photos in each category. Submitting the same photo in more than one category is not allowed.
  • Submitted photos must not have been entered or won previous Saudi Colors competitions.
  • Submitted photos must not have won other contests.
  • Photos must be submitted in jpg format. The dimensions of the longest side must be no less than 3000 pixels .
  • Editing brightness, color or sharpness is allowed provided it does not affect the original photo.
  • Adding frames, signatures, dates, or the photographer's name is not allowed.
  • The contest’s administration is entitled to reject any submitted photo that does not conform to the specifications, objectives, themes, or conditions without giving reasons.
  • The applicant does not have the right, under any circumstances, to withdraw the submitted photo after application.
  • The application and submission of photos are conducted exclusively through the Saudi Tourism Multimedia Library website: www.SeeSaudi.sa Photos submitted via other means will be discarded.
  • The photo's original file is the photo's ownership document. Applicants may be asked to submit this to the contest’s administration, so the photo must be saved in its original format without editing. Upon request the applicant must send the original photo within 24 hours. Failing to submit the photo in the specified time will lead to disqualification.
  • Members of the Saudi Colors organizing committees, jury, employees of the Saudi Commission for Tourism and National Heritage, employees of entities involved in organizing the contest or the Saudi Colors Forum are not entitled to participate in the contest.
  • The deadline for receiving applications is 10/16/2018 at 11:59 p.m. Any applications submitted after this will be discarded. Note that KSA timing is GMT +3 and is applicable to all dates and times in the contest
  • The terms and conditions of the application are definitive. Applying is considered a prior and comprehensive agreement to all the above mentioned terms. However, applications that do not conform to the criteria and terms mentioned above will not be considered.
  • The jury and the organizing committee are entitled to disqualify any photo without giving a reason. They may withdraw the prize if the submitted work does not meet the required specifications, or if the winner violates the contest terms, whether it is proven before nomination, during judging, or after the winners are announced. In this case the applicant must return all cash and in kind prizes to the organizing committee.


Rights of Ownership

1- The photographer is the owner of the submitted photo and has all the ownership rights, taking into consideration what follows:

- Colors of Saudi Arabia Forum administration has the right to use photo entries (whether they have won or not) in the exhibition accompanying the contest, in the contest booklet, and in any other material related to the Colors of Saudi Arabia Forum or the contest or in promoting them

- The Saudi Commission for Tourism and National Heritage (SCTH) has the right to use the winning photos in various media including exhibitions, advertisements, booklets, publications, and other electronic means, or to authorize a third party to reproduce and publish the photo in commercial or non-commercial media (local or international), for the purposes of promoting Saudi tourism and the forum through other entities.

2- The Saudi Colors Contest’s administration is to publish a booklet containing the winning photos and some participating photos chosen by the jury. The booklet will be given to the winners, owners of the chosen photos in the booklet, and some of the forum's guests. Copies of the booklet will also be on sale

- The forum photographers (whose entry did not win) who do not want their photos to be published in the booklet may inform the organizing committee when applying.



The applicant must pledge that:


  • He is the only owner of all the rights related to the submitted photos (including all the elements in the photos and all the related creative ideas), and no third party has any right to the photo. The applicant bears full responsibility, be it legal or criminal, for his photos.
  • No action is taken concerning any rights in the photo – under any circumstances – such as selling the photo or waiving its ownership rights to a third party that puts the photo in violation of the contest terms, or holds the contest administration or the SCTH liable for anything, or prevents the free handling of the photo and its related rights.
  • The photographer has received approval from all the people and private properties included in the submitted photos, and has their permission to publish them in publications, exhibitions, or advertisements according to the above mentioned conditions.
  • The applicant must conform to the religious, moral, and legal rules and norms applicable to Saudi Arabia.
  • The applicant has read all the information about the contest and the terms and conditions of application, and that he totally accepts them without any objection during the contest or after the winners are announced.
National Heritage, Saudi from the Sky, Nature & Landscape, Saudi Arabia Today
Participation Start Date
17/05/2018 at 03/09/1439
Participation End Date
16/10/2018 at 06/02/1440