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Colors of Saudi Arabia Photo Contest 2013

Photography is considered the most influencing means to disseminate and develop tourism and document culture and heritage. The idea of organizing the Saudi Color Forum ,for the secound year in a row, is to hold an annual forum that includes a national photography exhibition, a photography competition, appreciation ceremony, workshops, and training courses. That is to achieve the SCTA role in developing the domestic tourism and the KSA’s civilization dimension. Also, this Forum is aimed at encouraging professional and creative photographers to highlight the KSA potentials including its tourism landmarks, heritage, antiquities, diverse natural environment, and civilization progress.

Contest Categories:

  • - All activities and sensations performed and felt by a tourist during a given trip or tourism activity.
  • - A tourism experience includes: photos of people during their trip, and various tourism activities they take on (e.g. a family in a park or on a beach, children playing in a park or a playground, guys on a boat trip or camping, festivals and exhibitions, or partaking in recreational sports …etc.).
  • - Does not include: Studio photos (portraits taken in a studio), or photos taken with no people in them.
  • - The significance of the tourism experience photos lies in the people appearing in the photos, and the way they express their feelings whether happy, excited, relaxed … etc.

  • - Nature is made up of non-manmade elements in the surrounding environment, such as mountains, deserts, beaches, trees, fauna and flora, wild life, countryside, islands, seas … etc.
  • - Photos of nature are usually taken in open spaces of natural elements, and contain minimal manmade objects.
  • - Gardens, parks, artificial waterfronts are all manmade destinations and so weaken the effect of the nature photo and chances of acceptance.

  • - Include the photos of archeological sites of extinct civilizations and all remnants of past generations and civilizations that existed in Saudi, such as buildings or what remains of them. SCTA provides a list of these sites.
  • - Urban heritage photos include photos of buildings, existing historical towns that were inhabited by Saudis in previous times.
  • - This category of photos does not include the contents of museums, artifacts, currency, paintings, or collectables from the recent past.

  • - Includes the values, customs, traditions, handicrafts, traditional folklore, fine art, dances, traditional dress, and foods that have been passed down from one generation to the next as part of a cultural existence, and which are either still constantly or occasionally practiced.
  • - An example of such would be a photo of traditional dance and dance groups, artisans and heritage handicrafts, traditional dishes, heritage art, local dress, and pictures of people practicing customs and traditions.

Awards and Prizes 2013:

Awards and prizes will be presented in an official ceremony organized by SCTA within Colors of Saudi Forum activities in the end of the year.
The total value of forum's cash and non-cash prizes is SR. 550,000 as follows:

Places and Prizes
  - Prince Sultan bin Salman Photography Award (Total value: SR. 100,000 Cash)
  - Tourism Films Category (Total value: SR. 50,000 Cash)
  - Colors of Saudi Photo Contest (Total value: SR. 400,000 Cash and Non-cash) as follows:

Place Main Category:  
Other Categories:
First Place 40,000 25,000
Secound Place 30,000 20,000
Third Place 20,000 15,000
Fourth Place 15,000 10,000
Fifth Place 10,000 5,000
Sixth Place 7,500 (Non-cash) 3,500 (Non-cash)
Seventh Place 6,000 (Non-cash) 3,000 (Non-cash)
Eighth Place 4,000 (Non-cash) 2,500 (Non-cash)
Ninth Place 3,000 (Non-cash) 2,000 (Non-cash)
Tenth Place 2,000 (Non-cash) 1,500 (Non-cash)

SR. 550,000
Total forum's prizes

Participation is closed
Eligibility Rules

Terms and Conditions:
1. The contest is open for all photographers residing in Saudi Arabia (citizens and non-citizens) whether professionals or amateurs provided entered photographs were taken in Saudi Arabia.
2. Submitted photos must be taken by the particiant, and haven’t been submitted to Colors of Saudi Contest before.
3. The photo must be taken by a professional or semi-professional camera.
4. Participant can submit up to three photos to each category.
5. The photo must have a clear expressive title and a caption stating the place and year the photo was taken.
6. Participant can submit photos taken via film or digital photography, color or monotone photos.
7. Submitted photos should be in digital form (.jpg), and the lenght of longest side should be 3000 pixels or more.
8. Light, color, and sharpness of photo can be adjusted.
9. Additions and/or image blending is not accepted (except for panoramic images). Framed signed, or watermarked photos or photos with the date on it, photographer’s name, or any added element will not be accepted.
10. Contest administration reserves the right to display submitted photos (whether they won the contest or not) in the contest exhibition, contest booklet, and any other media or material related to Colors of Saudi Forum.
11. SCTA reserves the right to use the winning photos in various media utilized such as exhibitions, advertisements, booklets, pamphlets, and other online media. SCTA also reserves the right to assign a third party to reproduce the photo and publish it via any commercial or non-commercial media whether local or international using all adopted methods of this field, and the photographer maintains the copyrights of the photo.
12. Contest administration reserves the right to reject any submitted photo that does not comply with the specifications, objectives, topics, or conditions without giving any reasons.
13. Applicant may not, under any circumstance, withdraw a photo after being submitted for entry.
14. Members of the organizing committees, arbitration committee, SCTA employees, or officials at agencies organizing the contest and Colors of Saudi Forum may not enter the contest.
15. Entry terms and conditions are final. Entry into competition signifies prior acceptance of all terms and conditions stated above. Entries that fail to meet the previously stated terms and conditions will be disregarded.
16. Photos must be submitted to the Saudi Tourism Multimedia Library website: (www.seesaudi.sa). Photos submitted using any other method will not be entered.
17. Saudi time (3 + GMT) is the approved reference for all announced dates and timings.
18. The original format of the photo is considered an ownership document. Contestant might be asked to present it to contest administration and so the photo must be saved in its original format as it was taken by the camera without making any adjustments whatsoever. Contestant is to send the original format of the photo within 48 hours of date of request.

Participants Pledge:
1. Once an applicant enters into the contest, he/she shall have pledged to do the following: He/she is the sole owner of all rights related to the submitted photo (including all elements in the photo and related creative ideas), and no third party has the right of any kind regarding submitted photo. The applicant assumes full responsibility whether privileged or criminal.
2. No action, under any circumstance, will be taken with regards to any rights of the photo. For example, if the photo was sold, waivered, or granted to another person or organization, it will be in violation of the stated conditions, or hold administration or SCTA reliability of any sort, or hinder the free handling the photo and its related rights.
3. Applicant must have obtained all necessary releases from individuals and private properties shown in the submitted photo(s), with permission to publish the photos in publications, exhibitions, or advertisements as per the conditions mentioned above.
4. Applicant shall comply to all religious, moral, and legal regulations applied in Saudi Arabia.

Participation Start Date
30/06/2013 at 22/08/1434
Participation End Date
18/09/2013 at 14/11/1434