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Colors of Saudi for Smartphone Photography 2014

Photography is the most effective means to project and develop tourism and document culture and heritage. Colors of Saudi Forum is organized for the third year as an annual forum that includes a national exhibition of photography, a short film contest, Saudi Colors Photography Contest, Mobile Photography, an awards ceremony, workshops and training courses.

This Forum is aimed at achieving SCTA’s role in increasing interest in the development of local tourism and cultural dimension of the Kingdom and also, to encourage professional photographers and creative artists to highlight Saudi Arabia’s cultural heritage, tourism experiences, nature, and Saudi faces.

مسابقة الوان السعودية للتصوير بالجوال وهي فئة خاصة للصور الملتقطة بأجهزة الهاتف الذكيو مفتوحة لجميع فئات المصورين من محترفين وهواة، تهدف للتشجيع والمساهمة في التعريف بالسياحة والتراث الوطني من خلال الصور بأجهزة الهواتف الذكية.

Place Prize
First 25,000
Second 20,000
Third 15,000
Fourth 10,000
Fifth 5,000
Sixth to Tenth Other prizes

The main topic of the third session of the Colors of Saudi Arabia Contest is “Cultural Heritage”. This contest coincides with the start of the implementation King Abdullah Project for Cultural Heritage, which aims to rise awareness towards protection, attention, rehabilitation and development of the components of national and cultural heritage, and making it part of the daily life and memory of the citizen, with the emphasis on national pride, and integrating it within the daily life of Saudi society. It also seeks to link citizen to his homeland through making history and heritage a living experience, as well as emphasize a sense of belonging among the youth. Other topics of the contest include: cultural heritage, tourism experience, Saudi faces, and nature. The following is a description of each of the four topics:

First: Saudi Cultural Heritage

Saudi Arabia occupies a very prominent position among the nations of the world due it being the cradle of Islam and home to the Two Holy Mosques. It is blessed by immense natural wealth and human resources. The elements of the national heritage that fall under this category are: antiquities, built heritage, handicrafts, and museums.

1- Antiquities:
Scientists define antiquities as everything produced by human being, such as material elements or cultural products through the history and civilization that are older than 400 years. Artifacts are: fixed antiquities such as, housing, forts, temples, dams, wells, and rock carvings on mountain facades and cemeteries. Moveable antiquities: such as pottery, stone and glass utensils, ornaments, coins, and manuscripts.

2- Museums:
Museums are the educational, cultural, and recreational non-profit organizations. They strive to educate and serve the community through collection, preservation, presentation and maintenance of cultural heritage and human history, and displaying these in interesting and enjoyable way so that the rising generation can understand the cultural heritage and civilization of nations that preceded it. As well as their nature of life, architecture, arts, practices, and tools and utensils they manufactured and used in their daily lives.

3- Built Heritage:
Built heritage is a fundamental symbol of human evolution through history, and expresses the capacity reached by man to overcome his surroundings. It is one of the most basic elements of heritage and distinct from other heritage elements with its physical existence; thereby unquestionably and indisputably reiterating the existence of civilizations of past generations, directly. It also highlights the sequence of experiences of cultural, social and religious values and highlights the architectural heritage of the Kingdom through a comprehensive picture of traditional architecture, reflecting local environmental conditions (climatic, geographic, and social) consistent with the needs of the individual and society in all the regions of the Kingdom.

4- Handicrafts:
Activities practiced by craftsmen utilizing the natural raw materials available in the local environment, and transforming them into products of variety of benefits contributing to certain needs and requirements of the community in general, and tourists in particular. These activities are based on the manual skills and intellectual level of craftsmen with the help of intrinsic necessary tools.

Second Topic: Tourism Experience

• All activities and moods of enjoyment performed and felt by a tourist during a given trip or tourism activity.
• A tourism experience includes: photos of individuals during their trips, and various tourism activities they undertake, like family outing in parks or on beaches, children playing in gardens or playgrounds, people on a boat trip or camping, festivals and exhibitions, or partaking in recreational sports, etc. But does not include professional photos like, portraits taken in a photo studio.
• Does not include religious acts or deeds such as the performance of Hajj and Umrah, as they are in no way whatsoever, considered as tourism activities.

Third Topic: Saudi Faces

These are photographs that capture the spontaneity of an individual or a group of Saudi people while practicing their daily routines. Facial and personal features must be apparent and reflect the diversity of lifestyles in the Kingdom as well as practices and traditions of the community members that are distinct and rich. It does not include professional photos like portraits taken in a photo studio.

Forth Topic: Nature

• Nature are the elements of the environment around us, not man-made, such as mountains, deserts, beaches, trees, fauna and flora, wild life, countryside, islands, seas and others.
• Category includes photos of natural sites, like beaches, deserts, countryside, meadows, mountains, and other similar landscapes that contain minimal human interference, such as buildings, farms, mechanical equipment, and other such manmade items.
• Gardens, parks, and artificial waterfronts are all manmade destinations and so weaken the power of nature image and, hence the chances of acceptance.

General tips:
1- Photographers this year are advised against using photos previously entered in the past sessions of the Colors of Saudi contests.
2- Participate using photos of sites rarely photographed before.
3- The creative idea of the submitted photograph should not have been conceived by any other professional differently in the past.
4- Avoid extreme alteration and processing of photos. Photos should be as close to the original as possible.
5- We are looking for photos that will highlight Saudi Arabia’s rich tourism components.
6- Try and capture photos intelligently and with a creative perception avoiding any sites pertaining to visual distortion such as deteriorating, dilapidated or crumbling buildings.

SR. 1,000,000
Total event's prizes

Participation is closed
Eligibility Rules
First- Terms of Competition:
• The submitted photo has to be taken by the participant himself, and never been submitted before in the Colors of Saudi Arabia Competition. • The photo has to be taken using a mobile phone camera.
• The maximum number of submitted photos in the competition is one per participant.
• The photo must be given a clear title, to be written in the “title of the photo” field when submitting it in the Tourism photos and films library.
• Photographer has to provide brief description of the photo clarifying its subject, location and the date taken, (in the “photo description” filed when submitting it on the website).
• The competitor has the right to submit his/her work that has been captured through photography. Only colored photographs are accepted, while monochrome (Back & White) or panoramic images will be rejected.
• The participating photos need to be submitted in a digital file format with jpg extension, and not less than 1000 pixel in size.
• Lightning, color contrasts and brightness are allowed to be altered in a limited way not affecting the photo’s originality.
• Additions and merging are not allowed. Photos with a window showing signature, date or photographer’s name or any other added elements will not be accepted in the competition.
• The photographer has the property right of the submitted photo and he/she will be its sole owner, considering the following:
• First: The participating photos: Colors of Saudi Arabia Forum management has the right to use the submitted photos (whether a winner or not) in the Colors of Saudi Arabia Forum competition booklet and in any other means or materials associated with the forum and competition or use for promotion.
• Second: The winning photos: Saudi Commission for Tourism and Antiquities (SCTA) has the right to use the winning photos in a variety of mediums, including exhibitions, advertisements, brochures, leaflets and other electronic means. SCTA also has the right to authorize another party to re-publish the photos in any other commercial and non-commercial media, domestic and international, for the purpose of promoting Saudi tourism and the Forum
• Colors of Saudi Arabia Forum Management issues a book about the competition containing the winning photos and some of the participating photos selected by the competition jury. The book will be made available free of charge to the winners, the owners of the selected photos and some forum guests. Copies of the book will be available for purchase by forum’s visitors. (Photographers who do not wish for their photos to be published in the book should inform the organizing committee making the remarks while subscription).
• The competition management has the right to reject any submitted photographs that do not comply with the specifications, objective, subject, or conditions, without assigning any reasons.
• Participant shall not be entitled to in any way, to withdraw a photograph from the competition once it has been submitted for the contest.
• The members of the organizing committee and the jury of Colors of Saudi Forum or its employees or the employees of SCTA, or employees of other parties organizing the competition and the Forum, shall have no right to participate in the competition.
• Conditions for participation in the contest are final. Participating in the competition means a comprehensive pre-approval of all the above conditions. Participations that do not comply with the above stated terms and conditions will be rejected.
• Participation and photos should be exclusively submitted through the Saudi Tourism Photos and Films Library in SCTA on the following link: www.SeeSaudi.sa. Submitting photos using any other means will not be considered.
• The photo must have been taken on or after 1/1/2012.
• Saudi Arabia Standard Time (GMT +3) is the adopted timing for all the competition’s time and dates.
• The photo’s original file and the ownership document of the photo may be required to be submitted to the competition management. So, the photo’s original image-file should be kept without any modification. The participant should abide by to send it within 48 hours when requested.
• The jury and the organizing committee are entitled to withhold the award of one of the ranks in case the submitted work fails to comply with the required specifications or if the winning photo breaks the terms of the competition.
Second: Participant Pledges:
1. Once he/she participates in the competition, the contestant pledges to the following: He/she is the sole owner of all the rights related to the submitted photograph (including all of the items in the picture and creative ideas related thereto) and that no third party has any kind of right on the photo. The participant himself bears full responsibility, whether legal or criminal, related to the submitted photo.
2. No act has been committed on any rights related to the photo in any form, such as, full rights have been sold, or its ownership has been waived to any other persons or entities which may cause the photo to break the terms of the competition, or cause any kind of liability on the completion management or SCTA, or prevents free use of the photo and its related rights.
3. That he/she has rendered full approval for persons and property in the submitted photo and that it is permitted to be published in publications, exhibitions or advertisements under the above terms.
4. The submitted photos to comply with the religious, ethical and legal norms adopted in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
Tourism Photos - General category
Participation Start Date
01/07/2014 at 04/09/1435
Participation End Date
11/10/2014 at 17/12/1435